Amazon Web Services Aides Developers

by Alexander H
Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recently released Elastic Beanstalk, which has been developed to assist ASP.NET developers in implementing cloud-based applications. Developers can upload their ASP.NET applications to AWS’s cloud using the AWS toolkit for Visual Studio, and Elastic Beanstalk will then automatically deploy details such as capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling and application health monitoring. In order to enable these features, developers must first install the Visual Studio toolkit, as well as sign up for an AWS account. Although there are no additional charges for using Elastic Beanstalk, enterprises still have to pay for the AWS resources needed to store data and run their applications. There are even trial versions of the toolkit available for users who are interested in acquiring the tool for development purposes.

I found that this article tied in well with this week’s discussion regarding ASP.NET and data source combining. For one, Amazon Web Services were able to create a toolkit that would simplify developers’ tasks involving ASP.NET and cloud-based applications. Secondly, the toolkit will also enable these cloud-based applications to be released sooner than before. It’s an interesting form of interconnecting technologies and applications to better serve users and developers.

One important piece of information I was able to come away with after having read the article was the fact that more and more software advancements are allowing for the interconnecting of platforms and capabilities. I’m quite certain useful toolkits like Elastic Beanstalk will allow for users to better create and implement new technological possibilities.


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  1. It is interesting article because i did not know that amazon was getting into the .net side of things but i guess if you are a company that is striving and doing well and are taking somethings to the internet such as the cloud why not make things for enterprises that will take up some of your server space but not much and at the same time making money which is the goal of any company.

  2. Great article!! Very well summarized. I actually did not know that amazon is adapting .net side. I glanced over something like that but didn’t have enough time to read the whole thing. I believe it was the same article that you wrote about. great pick! thanks for sharing.

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