Amazon Web Services Announces New ASP.Net Services For Developers Worldwide

by Toan T
This article simply talks about what Amazon has recently announced about their implementation of a new service for Windows developers along with the launch of their new database services for Microsoft SQL Server and ASP.Net support of their proprietary cloud service known as Elastic Beanstalk. Amazon RDS purpose is to remove the complexity of deploying and managing databases and makes it much more simple and easier for developers to set up and operate relational databases by only managing administration tasks because developers can now just upload their application and Elastic Beanstalk will automatically handles the deployment operations. Elastic Beanstalk is also built upon ISS 7.5 software stack so existing ASP.Net applications can easily be deployed with very minimal changes in the code which saves time and money. Elastic Beanstalk is free for everyone which other premium features that customers can choose pay for it if they need to. It is also very easy to get started, AWS simply has it own toolkit that will work with Visual Studio or AWS Management Console.

Traditional way of reating new applications and deploying them can take up a lot of resources and time. I’m glad that Amazon has provided developers the tools to make things simple and fast for people to get their businesses running with minimal effort. Many companies such as Apollo Group. Inc and Adobe have been utilizing this service because of how robust it is. The thing about AWS is that it will automatically monitor and scale the applications based on traffic to help keep productivity at an optimal rate.

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