Amazon’s CloudSearch Service{4}

by Jongwoo Y
Amazon has recently just launched their new web service, Amazon CloudSearch, a technology that will allow developers around the world use Amazon’s powerful search engine technology. This new service will allow developers to infuse Amazon’s effective search engine to their own websites or databases in order to more efficiently organize and configure their data. According to Werner Vogels, CTO of, Amazon CloudSearch is based on more than 10 years of research and development and will help developers avoid issues with developing their own search engines for whatever projects they will be working on (Taft, 2012). Vogels also explains how developers will only have to create a search domain, upload data, and start querying; rather than creating a new search engine from scratch. This new service will use a pay-to-go model that will on average be substantially developing a subpar search engine and also be at a low price familiar to many customers (Taft, 2012).’s new CloudSearch service is an amazing feature that will make lives of web developers a lot easier in the future. Rather than having to spend thousands of dollars on developers that are familiar with web search algorithms, organizations will now be able to access some top of the line search technology through Amazon’s new cloud service. There are many instances in which websites that would otherwise be perfect are plagued with poor search engine utilities. This is a common problem on many forum websites where finding data that is actually relevant is a rarity; while finding irrelevant spam is the norm. This will also help e-commerce websites provide better customer service and keep their customer’s satisfied as they will be able to come up with better search results when looking for particular items.

One of the most impressive features of this new service is that it is completely cloud based. With the expansion of cloud technology and it’s popularity among many businesses, cloud services such as Amazon’s CloudSearch will become the norm. This type of cloud service allows developers to focus on what’s important, the substance of the websites and the applications. It is amazing how cloud technology will not only make the lives of developers easier, but allow for higher quality products and web pages to be created. Amazon’s CloudSearch technology is only the beginning of what cloud services will be able to achieve in the near future.


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