Amazons Great Cloud Computing Service{Comments Off on Amazons Great Cloud Computing Service}

by Abubaker D
The author’s thesis in the article was describing a product named DynamoDB that was released by the big well known company Amazon. The author describes the database service DynamoDB as being speedy and scalable, and that it’s designed for web applications.  The author goes on about DynamoDB by saying it addresses the needs of today’s Web-based apps, which often face challenges with increase in traffic ( how many users at once are using it), number of users, and data. He also says that DynamoDB gives its users the database capacity they need and allows them to fill up that capacity as needed, without requiring any administration, any special skills, new equipment or software. It’s been all taken care of by Amazon for the users. In the article, the author wrote that the Chief Technology Officer of Amazon Werner Vogels said “The service automatically spreads data and traffic across multiple servers to meet the capacity requirements as requested by a customer. Amazon uses Solid State Drives (SSDs) to store data and enhance performance.” Which is a description of some the capabilities of DynamoDB. The author says that you can create  a new Amazon DynamoDB database table , and scale capacity up or down as needed  without taking the database offline. The author adds on saying although customers have no database administrative duties to perform, they could still monitor resource utilization and performance metrics, and it’s all done through the AWS Management console. Some other features about DynamoDB could include: built-in fault tolerance, automatically replicated data, cryptographic security methods, intgeration with Amazon CloudWatch as well as integration with Amazon Elastic MapReduce, which allows business to perform analytics of large datasets. The author says that with EC2, customers can pay for what they use. The nice thing is that new customers can try DynamoDB for free, receiving 100 MB of free storage with 5 writes/second and 10 reads /second of ongoing through capcaity. As for the pricing, the Data Storage is priced at $1 per GB/month. Users are also charged for data “in” and “out” transfer rates, mainly the data transferred into and out of Amazon DynamoDB. That was pretty much it for the article.

Well, as you all already know, DynamoDB is a database tool that’s used on a web server. It’s interesting to see how all of what we learned is just interacting and making sense right now. And you also know that Amazon runs a web server. It also uses the web pages created by HTML, Javascript , Cascade Style Sheet, ASP.NET and a lot other. These are just one example of what we’ve learned so far and we could apply it to any company that’s selling products or services online. For an example, I am pretty sure you all know Mega Upload website. I could relate to Mega Upload everything that Amazon is doing right now. In Mega, you could store data and share it with users. People can download and upload files onto its web server. And the web server stores all the data in large databases that are run by Mega Upload employees. Mega has a database service just like the one Amazon just released, which is called DynamoDB. I wanted to point out that all of these are what’s a cloud computing service. There are a lot of companies out there that offer cloud services. One big company example of it is Amazon, as well as Ebay, Mega Upload, Rapidshare and many other companies. We studied that SQL server runs along a web server, they interoperate and relate to each other data and many other things. SQL server manages the databases that contain all of the users files. Whether the files are movies, images, text, it doesn’t matter, it’s all stored in the database. Companies like Amazon make their money out of their cloud computing services. Amazon does not need to have anything to do with the face to face transactions and interacting. It saves a lot of time for customers. Sometimes you forget to buy some specific items that you wanted to get for a specific need or maybe you are just too lazy to drive to get items; so Amazon takes care of it all for you. It’s done by just clicking a few buttons, making it a lot easier to search for products, search for ratings and reviews, and comparing prices. Amazon is a billion dollar company. People all over the world buy products from Amazon. It makes billions in revenue every year and it all just started with a simple idea,  cloud computing services. As mentioned in the article, Amazon charges per capacity needed and used. Lets a thousand users used DynamoDB database service and bought more capacity for their databases. Each of them paid an amount equal to a $100 dollars during a time period of one month. If we take the thousand users and multiply it by the 100 dollars, we get $100000 dollars. That is, one hundred thousand dollars! That’s a lot of money isn’t it? Wouldn’t you be interested in getting that amount of money in this short amount of time? And that’s just a small number compared to what Amazon really gets. As I said, it’s a billion dollar company. I wanted to relate to Amazon because it’s been really successful in running it’s service. It is stable, not risky. That’s the good thing about it. You just have to maintain it, do upgrades, add new features to it as times passes and take good care of the customers by adding some good customer services. Some companies do out sourcing which is not professional. I hope I didn’t complicate things, I was just really into these things and I felt like typing everything I’ve learned during these classes and that’s why I merged them into one topic. I made it long and in depth, hope you didn’t mind.


First of all I am grateful to your blog website and I am grateful for the students efforts and yours as well to make the blog website so much educational. I learned from my friends comments that if you are interested in becoming a web developer, the types of services like DynamoDB that is offered by Amazon is a perfect way of investing developing skills into. Developers could make a lot of money depending on what they specialize in. So investing time and skills into building up cloud computing software and services would be great, and you will be able to generate revenue in millions of dollars. You just have to be smart about it, and understand how it’s operated. This was a great class, thanks a lot for everything, and we will keep in touch in the future hopefully. For the first time I feel like I have real colleagues including you that I could share information with and interact with on a professional level. It gave me more confidence in understanding how to deal in the information technology world.