Apple ditches Java programs{Comments Off on Apple ditches Java programs}

by Boshi W

This article I read on talks about apples bold move on rejecting any java apps from there iOS app store. Apple announced that java related apps will no longer be approved of use in the app store. Furthermore, apps that are in demo stage, with exhibiting bugs, betas, trials, pornography, or excessive violence will continue to be rejected from the app store. Clearly, the approval process for the app store continues to be strict. The reason for rejecting java apps is because of its unstable performance on the iphone, ipad devices. However, Mac OSX will continue to support the use of java technology.

I like the constant supervision of the app store. This is promise me sold apps and a stable performance. I really appreciate with what Apple is doing to maintain its app store. I don’t mind not using apps that are java platform since I believe a good software can be made by other technologies as well.

This news reminds us that technologies are advancing and constantly being replaced. It is hard to say what new technologies will emerge in the future but it is easy to see that developers like Apple will continue to step ahead of the curve and lead the innovation.

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