Apple Is To Blame For Malware Outbreak{2}

As everyone might know, there recently has been some talks about how some Mac systems were infected by some malware. The article that I read pretty much talks about how Apple to blame for this issue. The malware is known as Flashback, an attack that relies on vulnerabilities in Java to talk over systems. Originally, everyone thought it was Oracle’s fault for not creating a patch for this since Java is owned by Oracle. However, many people are saying that Apple is the one to blame for this incident. Oracle has long created a patch to prevent this form happening, but Apple is in charge of the Java patching cycle. So Mac users did not receive the update until two months after the patch was released from Oracle. The outbreak was said to be preventable had Apple release Java update in a timely fashion instead of taking their security updates too lightly. Apple is also notoriously known for being slow when releasing patches so hackers had six weeks to discover the vulnerabilities and exploit it. So far, about 2% of Mac users are infected with Flashback which making it one of the largest botnets on the planet.

The reason I chose this article although it might not be relevant with this week’s topic is because I feel that Mac users take internet security too likely and often neglect the fact is fact not all systems are safe and there is always a way to find vulnerability and exploit it. Hopefully, this incident will open Apple’s eyes when it comes to security because this shows that Macs are just a vulnerable as PCs. And no, I do not hate Apple products.


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