Apple offering new application to help you build an App

by Taylor G
Recently, apple has applied for a patent for software they are planning to release in the near future.  The software would eliminate the need for programmers to create a basic application for an iOS device.  The programming platform allows users to create a program without the need of understanding computer code and logic.  Although this software could be useful if developed in more depth, right now it has limited capabilities and it would still require that users make edits to the code such as cascading style sheets.  If this software was released to the public, probably for a price and knowing apple it might be a steep price, it would create a new era of user-defined applications.  Programmers would still dominate the stage, but it would just add to the ever expanding market that is phone applications.

The reason I chose this article was because it talked about the user interface offered by this new software that would help the user build an application to their liking.  The user wouldn’t have to have complete knowledge over cascading style sheets, or hypertext markup language, they would just have to know how to modify and tweak certain things.  We’re living in a day and age where applications are starting to run our lives, and people can make a generous living just by developing one application.  As soon as the public can really dive into the software and narrow that gap between developers and end users, there will not be such a division of power.  As a student trying to learn HTML, java, CSS, SQL, and anything else to get experience with, it gets harder and harder to retain all that information.  So when software like this is introduced, you will be able to go back and try this software, look at the code, and remember a few things about what you may have previously learned.  I think this software will be beneficial to not only users, but developers, so that we can have applications for simple things like Cal Poly News or a more interactive Bronco Express application.

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  • April 23, 2012 at 10:57 am

    This is a very interesting article as I know of several different mashable applications for Windows and Android mobile devices but this is definitely the first time hearing about something like that for iOS. Personally, I think this is a great idea and may potential to generate the interests of younger audience members but I’m still a bit skeptical about the scope and abilities for this type of application.

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