Are Cookies Always Eatable?

by Wei C

This article I found is basically talks about the cookies from HTTP. Cookies have great usages on the online selling or business. The function of cookies is to memory some data and information between both server and client side. In addition, it can also reduce the information and data stored in the computers of the client side. However, cookies have made some concerns to the people. For example, cookies made connection from the client to the server. It simply means some of the information from the client side can be known by the server side. Especially some of the websites that are requesting for the personal information might be stored into a cookie and be visible to the server.


HTTP was mentioned on the chapter one. Cookie is a kind of web technology working with the HTTP. I think it is good to talk about the cookies. People who doesn’t know computer or internet well will think that cookies are the food. However, cookies are user tracking device in the world of the computer and internet.

Overall, I think cookies are related to the topics that were covered in chapter one. Cookies can be a tools or components we can have or used while developing the website. Since cookies have all those pros and cons, it is great to think how to use it properly and remove the concerns form people and make full benefits out of it.


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4 thoughts on “Are Cookies Always Eatable?”

  1. Cookies do save a lot of time and are very useful to businesses, however, they can also be quite dangerous. Learning to use cookies while creating sites is very important and can make or break your site. If you are too reliant on information that cookies have, then you will lose a lot of business as now a days people are disallowing cookies to be registered on their pc’s.

  2. I feel cookies are good for the internet. They help speed up repetitive processes that otherwise take longer to process under normal conditions. As you mentioned in your article, cookies do present a security risk. I guess the risks are just another trade-off for convenience. Until a more secure method is conceived, cookies will probably be around for a long time.

  3. Using cookies has its pros and cons. Cookies allow you to access web pages quicker when you return to that page. However, they are security risks like you mentioned. Some cookies may contain spyware that monitors your activity without you knowing. I think this can be prevented if you delete the cookies every time you are done browsing. Doing so would make returning to web pages more of a hassle. So like you said, cookies have their pros and cons.

  4. I feel the same way as you. We should talk about the cookies more since every minute and every second internet population has been growing continually. The cookies are good for internet users because they can reduce website’s loading time. In the meanwhile, we should raise attention the cookies collect and store some of information from users. This issue may become complicated because more people are aware of their privacies.

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