ASP.Net AJAX to Linux

by David H
This week I read article about how ASP.Net AJAX connect with Linus. With the new technology, Mainsoft helps the developer use Microsoft’s platform to build apps for Linus. In the article, the author mentions that many developers use Mainsoft for Microsoft’s ASP.Net AJAX on Linux. The latest versions of Mainsoft have been update to support for Microsoft’s ASP.Net 2.0 Asynchronous JavaScript, XML Extension and AJAX Control Toolkit. That was impressive move for Mainsoft Company.  The author mentions that Mainsoft for Java EE uses Mono to open source and implement by Microsoft’s. Net framework. In addition, the author also mentions that Mainsoft have invested in a great amount which is 14 million in technology that transform ASP.Net into a full fledge cross platform development framework for the Java virtual machine. This shows that how much Mainsoft company want to improve in software. The author emphasizes that algorithm make .Net conversion speed from 40 to 260 percent. In addition, it delivers three times the conversion speed which equivalent to Java APIs. This shows that how fast of the conversion speed that Mainsoft combine algorithm.

I choose this article because it is very informative. It helps me to have better understanding about how AJAX contributes to Linux. From this article, I have learned that Mainsoft’s support for AJAX Extension in order to help the developers create new ASP.Net AJAX. It enables Web application and port existing Web application can run natively on Apache Tomcat and IBM’s WebShere Application server. That is very impressive.


Taft, D. K. (2008). ASP.Net AJAX comes to Linux Move will let developers use Microsoft’s platform to build apps for Linux. Eweek, 25(13), 30.

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  • June 3, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    Very interesting article, it goes to show how invested Microsoft is in trying to update their software and be cross platform friendly. I have used Linux in the past and have found it a challenge to run many programs because of the lack of cross platform support. By implementing this new cross platform, allows Microsoft to target other users and developers. It may cost them a lot at the time of developing these tools, but in the long run they will benefit by generating more sales and developers using their products.

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