ASP.NET Is Huge!!{2}

In today’s technological society, the trend is moving away towards static web pages, and is moving towards a more dynamic, highly functional web pages. ASP.NET is a free technology, that helps aid for dynamic web pages. Large companies are jumping on the band wagon, such as NASDAQ, Microsoft, and USA Today. Why you might ask? Well simply put, it allows developers to build web enabled applications that can be loaded and adapted to any web browser. Currently ASP.NET 4.0 is the most up to date application that comes built into Visual Studio 2010. ASP stands for Active Server Pages. It supports both JScripts and VBScripts. One of the benefits of ASP.NET 4.0 is that it helps provide protection form external hackers which includes cross-site scripting, and request-reply requests. Currently, ASP.NET 4.5 is in development, which will support Windows 8 and HTML5.

I picked this article because it was on the topic of ASP.NET, which we started to discuss about in class. ASP.NET helps make web pages more dynamic, and I think it’s an important topic to discuss about as large companies use ASP.NET for web development. You can find a lot of helpful information about ASP.NET by simply running a search in Google. A helpful link that helped me understand more about ASP.NET was

As we move closer to Windows 8, along with HTML5, we will begin to see more improvements with ASP.NET. It’s exciting to see the development in this, as it’s something we probably see and interact with on a daily basis, but don’t really stop to think about it.

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