ASP.NET MVC 4 Improvements{1}

by Carlos R
The journal I selected for this blog consists of Microsoft and the fact that they are upgrading their ASP.NET MVC software. The ASP.NET MVC  4 Beta was released recently. The update will result in more mobile web functionality and capabilities for creating web applications. With the update, you’ll be able to use the Model-View Controller architectural pattern to create web applications. A way it says that they improved speeds and responsiveness is that they minimized the number and size of HTTP requests that the page makes. The new version also includes JQuery Mobile Web framework for smartphones and tables. There is also new support for developing Web APIs for applications and mobile/client platforms. ASP.NET MVC 4 also includes version 2 of Microsoft’s Razor view engines, which allows for cleaner templates. Overall, it seems that there is a lot of new features that will vastly improve ASP.Net MVC.

In class, we have been working extensively with ASP.Net and many of its useful features.  I have really enjoyed the fact that some of the work is easily done for you with this development platform, things that I thought were always made from scratch!

All this functionality makes it easier for people to start up with programming and get good at it. I feel it’s encouraging when many of the processes are streamlined to make it easier for you. This update that I discusses about in the journal is a great example on how they keep adding more and more functionality to ASP.Net


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