ASP .NET MVC For Education Take Student to The Next Level{Comments Off on ASP .NET MVC For Education Take Student to The Next Level}

by ChihWei H

ASP .NET MVC, a component of Microsoft ASP .NET platform, could be a very powerful tool. It provides separating view of HTML, CSS and Javascript. There are also built-in AJAX functionality and optional jQuery support. In addition, the Razor syntax in ASP .NET MVC 3 provides seamless transition of HTML and C# makeup. All these benefit can be taught at school and let students leans several perspective of web design at the same time. Student can start with static HTML and constructed the style with CSS. MVC 3  projects are pre-populate with CSS for students to manipulate and practice.

To be honest, I do not fully comprehend the meaning of this article. There are many part of the technologies mentioned that’s out of my league. However, the article describe the software can integrate different discipline of codes and put together a dynamic website is very interesting. Our class does offer variety of techniques to build a website,  but I think it could be potentially easier for students to learn everything within the same program.
The author might also want to take into the consideration of class length. For example, I’m not sure if there are enough time for us to learn any in-depth web programming within one academic quarter. If Cal Poly implement author’s idea, the course might need to break into several parts like our JAVA courses.

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