by Carlos R
The article I selected this week is about the battle between ASP.NET and PHP. The author specifically states that he himself is a PHP guy, but is now learning about ASP.NET, and he has been fairly impressed with what it’s capable of doing. He goes on in the article explaining .NET framework, how there is two main parts: The CLR, and the hierarchical set of class libraries. The article argues and gives six reasons why people should use ASP.NET. The first reason detailed is speed, he states that the applications are compiled, which makes it much faster than PHP. The second reason given is the fact that ASP.NET offers more language support compared to PHP. Third reason is the choice of development environments, because you have the freedom to download a free version of ASP.NET called Web Matrix, and with MS SQL, you have way more advantages over PHP. The fourth reason solely states that ASP.NET is part of .NET, and that alone provides a lot of benefits. The second to last reason is that it’s actually cheaper to develop for ASP.NET than PHP. This is due to the fact that there are simplified free versions of it, but purchasing it is definitely more expensive. The last reason the author argues in the article is that it is cross platform. He feels that right now it is pretty much tied to the Windows platform, but could become very cross-platform in a few years.

After I read the article, I noticed the article was rather old, but I found the information still to be pretty accurate as I kept looking around, so I decided that the information on it was still relevant. In class, we haven’t really dove into either one that much, but I feel that blogging about them is going to help as a good introduction to the general consensus behind both.

I didn’t know anything about ASP.NET or PHP before this quarter, and I’m looking forward to see and apply the capabilities in this class. They both look really interesting as they will help develop our project further into something actually useful! The knowledge gained is definitely important in our major, and it might be very valuable in our careers in the future.

Johansson, Mattias. (September 5 2002). Debate – .NET V. PHP: Top 6 Reasons to Use .NET Article. In Sitepoint. Retrieved February 19 2012, from

2 thoughts on “ASP.NET over PHP?”

  1. the idea of delving into the world of PHP and .NET is pretty scary. i mean over the last few years i have learned subjects that have forever haunted me and i was gladly suprised that i was just freaking out over nothing. but as with all things, there will always be new challenges and i am glad to be learning new things. like yourself i have no clue what PHP or .NET is so i will be excited to learn something new in the near future

  2. I also agree with the fact that this article provides useful information about the diffrences between these two programming languages. And just thinking about using them, to develop my application, sounds scary. But it is also good to know that at some point ASP.NET is easier to use than PHP

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