ASP.NET Patched Websites Being Attacked{Comments Off on ASP.NET Patched Websites Being Attacked}

by Maral M
Recently there has been a rise in the number of attacks to websites running with Microsoft’s ASP.NET. The websites that are being mostly attacked belong educational, small business and association entities. Websites that have the patches are more susceptible to the mischievous coding which redirects users to different websites which are under the name James Northone. The coding that is being weaved into the websites is being directed by SQL injection. SQL injection is a coding technique that take advantage of faulty security coding at the database layer.

This attack further proves the importance of security at every of the application. Regardless of how good the security may be on the website if there are faults within the database layer information can still be reached. Patching the ASP.NET coding is an effort that I see Microsoft trying to stop the defaults. However, once the SQL injection has gone through a website I think it makes it much more difficult to back track and fix the websites that have already been attacked.

I think that future versions of Microsoft’s ASP.NET will have more complicated coding that will make it more difficult for hackers to reach the database. But, I also think that hackers will continue to make an effort to attack as many websites with ASP.NET as possible, and will continue to look for the loop holes.

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