ASP.Net upgrades for Mobile

by Robert L
Microsoft is upgrading its ASP.Net MVC software, adding mobile Web functionalty and capabilities for building Web applications that load faster, a company official said. ASP.Net MVC 4 Beta was released earlie. ASP.Net MVC enables development of Web applications via the popular Model-View-Controller architectural pattern. The beta release will be built into the beta version of Visual Studio 11/Net Framework 4.5, due to be released.

I found that this article was important for the class a it relays some major updates that ASP.Net MVC 4 offers toward Web and Application Developers. These new upgrades include shorter loading times on server-side sites for Mobile phones, easier device recognition, and much better Data Migration tools with Entity FrameWork 4.3. I find these new updates enticing for Web-development due for their boosts performance and efficiency on both front-end user view and back end Development.


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