The article I read for this week explains the top six reasons to use. Net. In this article author compared ASP .NET VS. PHP.  According to the author, there are quite a few reasons that make the ASP.NET better than PHP. First of all speed, all .NET applications, ASP.NET applications are compiled. This makes them much faster than PHP, whose applications are interpreted. Furthermore, author mentioned that ASP.NET is written using Object Oriented programming languages of your choice. PHP is just a simple scripting language in comparison to .NET languages like C++, C#, Visual Basic.NET, Java Scrip.NET, and so on. However according to the author, the PHP is definitely more clean and concise than classic ASP (with vbscript or javascript), but it’s a mess compared to C#, J#, or even VB.NET, which are the common languages used for ASP.NET apps. ASP.NET scales much better than PHP or classic ASP does, but it costs more to host on account if it needing to run on a windows server. Author mentioned that PHP is the better choice for a quick and dirty site that doesn’t need a ton of code.

I believe this relates to class because it mentioned everything that we have learned so far. However, I think ASP.NET is favored by large organizations because the extra money they spend on infrastructure is nothing compared to how much they save in developer costs because ASP.NET is much, much faster to develop large applications in than PHP. I believe there are good and bad things about both languages and it mostly come down to preference and which one you are comfortable with. I learned a lot from this article and i think everyone should read this once.

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