ASP.NET Websites are Under Attack{1}

by Yeimy F

 I read an article from 2011 that says that about 180,000 pages from websites, using ASP.Net platform, have been affected by hackers who are massively attacking them with SQL injection. Hackers plant malicious JavaScript on ASP. NET websites which “causes the browser to load an iframe with one of the two remote sites: and” This iframewhich is an HTML element specifies an inline frame used to embed another document within the current HTML document. Then, this iframe plants malware on the visitor’s computers. But Microsoft started providing ASP.NET programmers with enough information about how to protect against such attacks since 2005.

I chose this article because we are learning to develop a server-side application. I think it is important to have in mind what is going on out there and that besides the coding we will be doing, there is so much more to it that needs to be taken care of in order to protect organizations and visitors against hackers.

This is a very short article but very informative. I think that providing an actual number of attacks and a description of how it works make it very interesting. However, I am still confuse when it talks about the SQL injection because I know that is a database programming language but I am sure we will cover that in class.


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