AT&T & HTML 5{3}

by Irving A
AT&T is promoting the move to HTML 5 by selling what they call “unwrapped” HTML apps. They are looking at HTML 5 as a serious alternative to the native mobile app development.  Jeff Bradly, senior vice president of devices said that the Android Market “will be a new kind of app store. Instead of selling apps directly, it will be a curated collection of pointers to the Android Market, developers’ web sites and other sales locations.” Unwrapped HTML 5 apps will enable developers to get apps into the customer’s hands faster without losing anyone in the Android Market. The company is also looking into Application Resource Optimizer (ARO) which lets app developers reduce the amount of battery the application uses.  Pandora is an internet based application that streams music; they have been using the ARO technology to save battery when running on devices.

This relates to class covered material in various ways. One would be the use of HTML 5 which we discussed in class. A second way is the use of Pandora with HTML 5, we have as well discussed this in class when discussing blogs.



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