Attracting Advertisers with Music

by Maral M
Earlier this year, Specific Media bought Myspace and has began planning to revamp its image. The company plans to attract advertisers by reverting to a time where finding music on its website was easier; at that time emerging bands posted their songs on Myspace in hopes of being noticed. The decline in the satisfaction of user experience made the site lose the total number of visitors per month. It reached its lowest this past summer and since then the company is working with Justin Timberlake, creative partner, to make the site more accessible to musicians.

Myspace’s announcement of adding to the user experience in music came late due to the fact that Facebook announced their integration of music a couple months ago. And since Facebook has more users than Myspace their ability to create a better user experience is easier because of the feedback that they will receive.

I think that because of the lack of user experience that Myspace currently has it makes it difficult for bands and musicians to create and upkeep their pages. Up and coming bands rely on social media outlets to advertise their bands; however, working with websites that are tedious or confusing make the experience less enjoyable and therefore make bands look elsewhere to advertise. The user experience should attract people to the website and I think that Myspace has the right idea to be working on creating a better outlet but the fact that Facebook was there first makes it seem as though Myspace is trying very hard to make up lost ground. I think that there best bet would be to create a user experience website that is easy to use and manageable by its users.

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  1. I don’t think that MySpace traffic will increase significantly by changing their website design. In my opinion, I believe that Myspace is an obsolete social media site, along the side of Friendster and others. I think that Specific Media is wasting their time with such an obsolete website. I don’t understand why they can’t see that the time of MySpace is long and gone, and that other Social Media powerhouses such as Facebook, and the new Google+ will make sure that the revamped MySpace will remain a minor contender in the Social Media sites war, and Specific Media will be sitting in their chairs wondering what went wrong.

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