AWS easier for developers.

by Gerardgon Z
This article talks about Amazon Web Services making it a lot easier for ASP.NET to roll out cloud-based applications for their cloud service. Elastic Beanstalk allows for easy and care free deployment of new ASP.NET applications onto Amazon’s cloud service. This allows developers to focus more of their time on actually developing their applications instead of worrying about the cloud infrastructure and its deployment and cloud environment.

This article is related to our topic because it talks about ASP.Net. The article touches up on Visual Studio and Cloud services which are also mentioned in class. Having the toolkit will allow developers to properly deploy and manage their application on the web.

I find Amazon’s dedication to their customer base for their cloud service amazing. They are constantly making it easier for developers to use their service by rolling out new toolkits like  these and greatly supporting their community. This is one of the reasons why Amazon Web Services is one of the top cloud services available today.

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  1. Good blog. I’ve heard of Amazon having offered services like this but I never noticed them offering it whenever I shop at their website. After reading your blog however I did see the links that lead to them. I was surprised that Amazon was into these type of services. I heard about it before in class but I never realized how much support they gave to it. Typically you would not think that Amazon was one of the leading developers of technology like this and I’m glad that your blog enlightened me to it. Thanks!

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