AWS Friend or Foe?{2}

by Stephen O
Cloud Computing is a new frontier, in a way it is like the wild west, one that is constantly evolving as new startup companies emerge and take to the field. It is common for one of these start-ups to use Cloud Computing services, because let us face it is cheaper and more efficient for startups to use cloud computing services rather than investing time and money into their own servers. One of the more dominates Cloud Computing Service providers is Amazon with their Amazon Web Services otherwise known as AWS. Right now Amazon and others who use AWS benefit largely because AWS has a strong core of service and has very aggressive when it comes to development. With the way, the Cloud Computing Industry is now there are many open opportunities that startup companies are taking advantage of, but what if AWS starts eyeing the same territory. This is why the Wild West analogy earlier was apt. “I was in a venture capital meeting last week where we were told by one prominent VC that, “Two years ago Amazon was a blessing to startups. Today it is neutral. In two years it may well be a curse.” How so? By building up Amazon Web Services to include many services currently offered by other vendors.” (Rosenberg, 2011) Right now, it holds the lion’s share of the market, because of simple to use API’s and easy to use AMI’s and the whole system is more user friendly than the competitors are. While this maybe the case there are many open areas of Cloud Computing yet open. “As such, there is a huge amount of room for innovation around “cloud” as a whole–storage, network, management–very few existing tools measure up when it comes to the new architecture and programmatic interfaces that we get from cloud in general.” (Rosenberg, 2011) Because there is so much open territory to tackle realistically there is no way that AWS can be everything for everyone, especially if it does not even offer some of these services. It is the opinion of the Author we nothing to fear, it is in the hands of the little guys to stake a claim and protect it against the AWS’ of the cloud.


I love cloud computing, it’s a new and exciting field right now, and we get to see real time something that is ground breaking unfold. We get to see a new industry evolve, mature, and expand. Right now, we are seeing large companies like Amazon creating their own cloud computing services, and it is troubling seeing a few big companies dominate as we have so far. Our mind harkens back to Microsoft, Apple and IBM and how much control they had on the market and it scares us.

The Author wants us to understand while AWS may  be large, not everyone uses it. No matter how simple and friendly it is some people simply will not use it, and on top of that, the market that is Cloud Computing is so vast that AWS simply cannot have its finger in every pot at once. The author encourages startups to “disrupt” the big guys like AWS, that the innovative entrepreneurs and their startups will thrive.

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