AWS in Visual Studio{Comments Off on AWS in Visual Studio}

by Vincent S
This past May, Amazon just announced that they will aim their efforts to make it easier for web developers to upload and implement applications.  Their first step forward in this direction is their announcement of allowing developers to take advantage of a program called Elastic Beanstalk.  Elastic Beanstalk is an application that takes care of deployment details such as load balancing and capacity provisioning.  Web developers can use Amazon Web Services (AWS) included in Visual Studio in order to develop the program.  They then can upload the application into Amazon’s web server.  From there, Elastic Beanstalk will automatically deploy it.

I believe this is relevant because we now how to use in Visual Studio now.  For those of us who wish to continue in web development, these new services in Amazon might be something to keep in mind.  The significance of Elastic Beanstalk is that it takes care of the final details of deployment.  This cuts a large amount of time in application development which means less time over all has to spent actually programming.  This modern age, new technologies keep helping developers and programmings to create more powerful applications and deploy them faster, learning to more technologies.  One of many reasons why technology now grows at an exponential rate.



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