Balance between usability and aesthetics{2}

by Jorge R
The article that I choose talks about the importance of aesthetics and usability in determining the success of the website. Over the past years we have progressively leaned towards developing an aesthetically pleasing website as opposed to the usability aspect. Both aspects need to be addressed to form a good website, but with a lot of graphics and pictures on a webpage the efficiency can greatly decrease. The main concerns of the ISO 9241 are efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction. The author explains that aesthetics in software development pertains to the interface design; it can be subjective because it is dependent on the personality of the user. It has been a long lasting dispute to address which aspect to focus the majority of the time to develop, this is because it is hard to adapt these two contrary objectives on web design at the same time.

This article is related to the class because it brings up the issues as to which factor in web design is more important, in my opinion they are both as critical as the other one. The fact is that in order to be a successful website the web page has to function as best as possible. This is especially true when building an ecommerce web page. If your customers can’t pay for their items, you will have no sales. But if you focus all your time in developing, the aesthetics won’t be as pleasing. There needs to be a balance of both.


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