Being Exposed To ASP.NET{Comments Off on Being Exposed To ASP.NET}

by Ivan C
Microsoft unleashed a web application framework known as ASP.NET version 1 in 2002. Active Server Pages.Net is a useful tool which enables programmers and developers to create intense web pages(Advantages). Being server side technology ASP.NET can run in any Windows server by using Visual Studio. When ASP was released it tackled web page issues like never before. By using ASP.NET web pages were becoming more dynamic and were getting updated automatically. In the past web pages were usually static and were manually and consistently needed to be modified (Kozyk).  This new tool gave rise to numerous advantages and became popular among top companies such as Amazon and EBay. The advantages included

  • Needing less code to produce advance applications
  • Safe and secured applications with Windows authentication
  • Simplicity for common tasks
  • Server execution of code providing more flexibility to web pages
  • Having multiple compatible script languages
  • Having a server automatically monitoring web pages and its applications (Kozyk)

Overall this article provided good information about advantages. It is related to the class in which we(or at least me) are starting to get exposed to this tool. In my opinion reading an article about what was learned in class only expands and nourishes what you already know. Although this article was written in 2008 I am sure its technology has only gotten better. I enjoy learning about things that I have not worked with before and I believe my relationship with ASP.NET will improve but will contain some frustration in the near future.



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