Benefits of Cloud Computing

by Yeimy F
 According to Cisco, cloud computing services are predicted to increase “12-fold by 2015.” Businesses are considering the use of cloud solution providers such as “Amazon, IBM, Cisco, and Microsoft” to lower cost of ownership. Having an off-site server is considered to be more cost-effective because it reduces the need to invest on costly technology and the number of IT employees needed for server hardware maintenance as well. Moreover, the use of cloud computing services increase workforce productivity because employees are able to access the business applications and data from anywhere there is Internet connectivity. Cloud solution providers are also able to meet the demands of business growth, and provide specialized IT personnel who respond to crisis or failures by providing immediate access to business data files and applications, and offer instant back-up solutions.

 This article is about one of the learning objective of the Interactive Web Development class. It does not really define cloud computing at the beginning but by explaining the benefits it brings to businesses, the idea becomes clear.

 I consider this article interesting because it explains why businesses should consider this new way of managing its data, and because it provides information on how it works and what it does for businesses. I also liked this article because it points out that investments made by businesses in order to keep up with the new technological advances, which emerge very often, could be avoided by purchasing computing solution services from providers who compete with one another to provide the fastest and most efficient computing solutions with the newest technology they have acquired.


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  1. Yeah, the article seems to be pretty spot on. Businesses have a lot to gain by going with the cloud. There’s a lot of efficiency and unity that can help reduce all the complexity of information spread out on servers all over the world. It’s going to be very interesting seeing how much we will depend on cloud computing services in the coming years.

  2. This is an issue I have personally dealt with. Many companies are moving away from using servers for data storage and have switched to cloud services online. Cloud computing is definitely a skill that emerging IT students should should acquire. Great article.

  3. Yo Yeimy. I have a better understanding of cloud computing now. Now I know that people actually use it because it’s more cost effective and it could hold a large amount of data. Not to mention the effectiveness of it and the maintenance. Thanks for sharing for the info!

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