Benefits of JavaScript{4}

by Ivan C
There are several ways to make a website more interactive with the users and more flexible for web designers. One way is to use JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language that is used along with HTML to enhance user experience. It is a browser based language that is coded within the web pages and delivered through the browser rather than server that is showing the page (UCLA). Having JavaScript encoded brings many advantages, one of which is speed. Since JavaScript is client side, nothing has to be requested or delivered from the server making functions run immediately (Mcmanaway).  Also its simplicity makes JavaScript easy to learn, implement, and adds big interaction functions with very little code. It can be used to make drop down menus, text affects, and improve navigation. But one of the most useful tools JavaScript provides is client side validation. By validating HTML form fields it saves time, increases user experience, and saves unnecessary time from the server (UCLA).

Overall this article clarified and supported what was lectured in class. It provided more detail and points on why JavaScript is useful and should be used more. It also relates to our current project in which we have to combine both HTML and JavaScript. By being able to learn more about this programming language we can use it more effectively in real life situations. I believe this article provided a good insight in its history and its benefits.



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