Botnet Authors Crash WorldPress Sites With Buggy Code

by Marco M

“Beware of Botnet”

Gumblar is a botnet that infected thousands of websites, particularly sites using PHP software with complex file design.  This botnet is powerful enough that it was able to bring down “WorldPress”; at the time, users received a “fatal error” message.  In fact, it is estimated that “hundreds of thousands of PHP-based sites” were compromised; however, the “cybercriminal” mistake was to provide an error message that essentially warned Gumblar’s victims that they had been compromised. The “cybercriminal” went about infecting thousands of websites by first installing it in an unsuspecting desktop user, then stealing FTP (File Transfer Protocol) login information from its victims, and finally using those credentials to place malware on the site.

I believe bots to be a very serious threat, not only to websites, but to users of the internet in general; criminals prowl for weak or unprotected desktops to install their malware and use unsuspecting individuals to spread their wrong doing.  However, there are ways we can protect our desktops from malware or bots.  For example, having antivirus software installed and updated frequently.  In addition, installing software that scans the file system for bots and other malware, such as Spybot or Symantec Norton Antibot.




One thought on “Botnet Authors Crash WorldPress Sites With Buggy Code

  • October 19, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    I do think that people more and more are becoming aware of the dangers of the net. Though most users are not doing anything proactive to protect themselves from thee attacks. Today’s basic users need a bit more knowledge on how to install free programs which attack spyware and bots. Microsoft Security Essentials offers both malware and virus protection and is now becoming a standard part of Windows 8.

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