Bring Internet to Television World{2}

by Tuyen H

Recently, Televisions have been enhanced many new features base on the Internet standard. Television manufactories adopt web standards such as W3C and CSS to their products, so customers can customize their TV program likes a computer. This technology calls LINE Profiles. The profile includes a subset of XHTML, CSS, and ECMA Script that support more data applications for TV.  While XHTML support the TV background, CSS use to format the layout of the TV’s screen. ECMA Script includes the browser pseudo object functions such as communication using TCP/IP. In this article, the authors also list five requirements to link the TV program and LINE document received from the server:
1. Support a common control command to enable and disable datacasting (e.g. a datacasting button in the remote controller).
2. The Linear TV channel being transmitted must include a hyperlink descriptor in the SI (Service Information) tables.
3. When the datacasting button is pressed, the user agent requests the LIME document to the hyperlink address defined in 2.
4. The user agent receives the LIME content (document) which includes the ID of the Linear TV channel from the LIME content.
5. The screen is rendered with both the TV program and the enhanced datacasting content.
In conclusion, web base with XHTML, CSS, and ECMA Script is a lightweight solution for bring the Internet to TV program.

This is a great way to apply web base technologies in to the real work. I wonder how many TVs are in the world. If this technology is applied to all TVs around the world, it should be a huge revolution of Television Industry. However, since this approach require ITU-T IPTV domains which include content provider, service provider, network provider, and many end user equipments, it is hard to adapt widely to all TV’s customers.

With the new generation of HTML (HTML 5), I believe that bring the Internet world into Television will be more easy because HTML 5 support plug-in free audio and video. Therefore, it will much more easy to enhance web feature into the television programs. I expect that in the new future, all televisions are included the Internet world.

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