Call in the Apache’s!{Comments Off on Call in the Apache’s!}

by Andrew N

Call in the Apache’s!

Covalent Technologies, which is the seller of the open source Apache 2.0 server has finally become compatible with Microsoft’s popular .Net applications. Before Apache decided to collaborate with Microsoft, Microsoft only had IIS which is the built in web server for Microsoft applications. Since Apache will now work with Microsoft, developers will a wider range of technologies supported by Apache such as Java, Perl, or PHP. The new Apache will come with an Apache Portable Runtime which optimizes its performance for Windows technology. Although Microsoft has rejected the concept of open-source programs in the past they are learning to open up and work with it now.

I didn’t realize how old this article was until I actually looked at the date, but after reading the article I felt that it was very relevant to what we are talking about in class. Even though we will not even touch IIS in class, why not learn about Apache? Microsoft needs everything it can get because of the competition Apple has brought to the table. With Apache’s popularity with the market it can help boost Microsoft’s image with extra services that its competitions do not have.

Since this is such an old article, I don’t know if there has been further advancements in this technology, but from what I read, Apache has made more developers to consider the Microsoft markets due to its compatibility which Apple does not have in the software market. I also feel this has become a war between giants and the merging of giant companies.

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