Car technology at CES{1}

by Richard H
The bulk of this article from describes the new car technologies displayed at the Consumer Electronic Show by various car manufacturers such as Ford, Toyota,  and Audi. Car manufacturers see the profitability of developing cars with  mobile applications, cloud support, connectivity options such as “Sync” or “UConnect,” and internet connection such as 3G. That being said, companies believe that the new selling point of cars will be the UI/UX. Cars are predicted to eventually all have the same variety of applications and the same technological capabilities as the competition, and that the determining factor that makes the sale will be the user experience.

Treating the car as a system and its user experience as including both technological and driving capabilities, I would prefer to have maximum efficiency and economy at the cost of most or all of the technological capabilities. I find additional aspects other than a stereo and an air conditioning/heating unit to be impractical and disadvantageous if it draws energy away from the driving capabilities and raises the overall cost of obtaining and maintaining the car. Although I do not desire the oncoming technologically-heavy user experience for cars, I know that they have their place in the market and on the streets.

I believe that older drivers or parents will have a much greater experience with car technology than I would, as long as app use isn’t too cumbersome. The apps may help these drivers multitask and drastically decrease the stress of their driving experience and their already hectic lives. There are some already existing car technologies that do this : Automatic  parallel parking, GPS, and Rear View Camera. Car technology is definitely on the way, and the companies that can deliver the greatest/least stressful ease of use are going to grab a hold of this older/family driver market.


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