Cascading Style Sheets 3{1}

by Antonio M
In this article the author writes about the creator of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and
how the development of CSS3 is coming along. Such features in CSS3 not include
mulit-column text arrangements. There are also modules known as grid layout templates.
Within these modules it can allow you to manage the visual content of your website
anyway you like. There will also be layout tools that will be a part of the current CSS3
specification. Transformation features are also going to be included, which can allow for
special control effects on elements such as resizing, rotating and zooming in on those
particular elements within a web page, such as a photos. CSS3 will also be supporting the
Web Open Font Format(WOFF). WOFF is pretty much an open format for using fonts on the web.
There is also the ability to use 3D layering effects. In addition to less reliance on
JavaScript for triggering certain actions, such as the detection of the mouse pointer
hovering over an object.

I think this article goes with what we learned in class because it talks about the upcoming
features of CSS3. It also gives us an idea on what to expect for the future. We as students
should always be aware of the different kinds of changes that are taking place within Web

I found this article very interesting. I especially liked how CSS3 has the new grid layout
feature. With this new feature you can pretty much pick and choose what kind of content
can go where and how you want to present that particular content. I can’t wait to see how
CSS3 works and when it comes out. I look forward to it and hope it will actually improve
the users experience overall.



Shankland, S.  (2010, August 18). Father of css plans for web publishing future. Retrieved from;10n