Check your online Ad using program by Adobe “project adthenticate”{Comments Off on Check your online Ad using program by Adobe “project adthenticate”}

by Penny C

Screen shot of Adobe "Project Adthendicate" beta


We have all seen online ads  on the web sites we visit.  You can’t escape the ads.  These web ads should follow guidelines provided by IAB.  IAB provides guidelines in the creating, planning online ads.  The guideline generally recommends appropriate file size, animation length, etc… It is not a mandatory rule but a guideline that should be followed to standardized online ads.

On Nov. 7, 2011, Adobe released beta version of “Project Adthenticate”.  This software will allow advertisers to test their intended ad against the IAB guidelines right in the web browsers.  The program will show result of the test in three columns.  First column will display the property, such as width, height, animation duration, second column will display the IAB standard and third column will display the actual ad’s information.  One of the feature of the “Project Adtheticate” is CPU usage test.  According to the article, without this feature, it’s hard to test the CPU usage of the ad as each machine is specification varies from agencies to QA departments; therefore, this CPU usage feature will display standardized CPU usage.

I think it’s a neat service offered by Adobe.  This lets the ad agency test out ads before letting them loose on the Web.  In my opinion, an ad which doesn’t slow down the page or takes up too much CPU processing will increase user experience.  If my web loads slow or machine slows down due a particular ad, you can sure that I will not buy whatever product or services they are trying to sell.


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