Choosing ASP.NET MVC{Comments Off on Choosing ASP.NET MVC}

by Omar N.

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In the article titled “Which ASP.NET is Better?”, the older ASP.NET Web Form is compared to the newer ASP.NET MVC framework. Although the new framework offers many modern advantages, the author advocates that moving to ASP.NET MVC may not be worth it for web developers because, at the core level, the two are nearly identical. The newer ASP.NET also advertises itself as making it easier to produce cleaner code through its debugging process. This is accomplished by having the ability to isolate certain parts of the code and making it more noticeable where an error may exist. The author argues that the chance of writing bad code is nearly the same between the two, but MVC just makes it easier to diagnose.

As a student trying to learn this stuff, all these different ASP names being thrown can be confusing. From the class slides, it was mentioned that there is an older ASP that is not compatible with the newer ASP.NET versions 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. There might even be an ASP 4.0 we haven’t talked about, but I’m hoping that the versions won’t make a difference for the basic stuff we’re doing in class.

We did talk about MVC in a previous lecture, so I can understand the purpose behind another version of the framework. I guess for me it doesn’t matter too much which type of ASP.NET I learn as I have no real experience with either one of them. Learning the newest one in this case would probably make the most sense since it has been modernized to meet with current business needs and technological advancements.

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