Cisco Says Mobile Data Traffic Is Rising{Comments Off on Cisco Says Mobile Data Traffic Is Rising}

by Han C
According to a recent forecast, Cisco’s visual networking index has listed global mobile data traffic to increase by 18 fold within the next five years. The VNI forecast is an ongoing initiative to track the impact of visual networking applications on a global scale. By examining the trends of the last four years, the article is able to show that average smartphone usage nearly tripled in 2011 and that mobile video traffic exceeded 50% for the first time in 2011. In addition, Android data usage is actually higher than iPhone users. The crucial factor here is to promote the increase in mobile speeds such as 4G, which includes: WiMAX, and Long-Term Evolution. 4G only holds 0.2% of mobile connections but is already accounting for 6% of all mobile data traffic. As mobile data traffic continues to rise along with user demand, the article estimates that the number of mobile connected devices will exceed the world’s population sometime this year.

This was a great article because we have been discussing about tailoring our website and web content for audiences. By understanding the impact that mobile applications play in regard to the number of potential viewers as well as the types of content they are currently accessing, we can essential get an estimated scale of how to better utilize our website to reach more of our target market. The only real bottle neck that I am able to see is that these mobile service providers are going to be experiencing high data consumption by their users, which may not be something they initially had planned for. One should also take into consideration that most mobile data plans are gradually moving away from the original all encompassing “unlimited data” packages. They are instead moving towards tiered pricing plans which are used to constrain heavy mobile data users. By assigning users a limited amount of data traffic and penalizing for overages, users will be discouraged from accessing data – at least from their mobile devices. Perhaps these packages will become cheaper as time goes on.

Source: Staff, Cisco. “Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2011-2016.” Cisco Visual Networking Index. February 14, 2012.