Cloud Computing{2}

by Jamal A
The article I read talks about how working in a cloud environment is becoming the modern fashion for IT professionals.  There are some advantages of cloud browsing such as flexibility, efficiency, cost reduction and environment friendliness.  According to the article, there are some differences between traditional servers and cloud servers. Traditional servers and cloud servers are two diverse methods of storing data. The best way to explain is that traditional servers provide physical accessibility where you can control or restrict the direct connections. On the other hand, cloud browsers is all about virtualization meaning the server and its components are located somewhere else and the only way to contact or access data is by the screen in front of you.  Because of cloud computing, employees will be able to use any device to access, transact and manage their work. Companies are concerned about the data security more than ever that is the reason they are adapting cloud computing, because it is the safest way to access data.  Supporting that cloud computing, however, has Encryption of sensitive data used by cloud based virtual machines. Even though, cloud servers are available 24/7 the data is only accessible according to company policies.

This article relates to class because it talks about the topic that we discussed in the class. After reading this article I have a better understanding of how cloud computing really works.  I think the cloud really mean is that companies would own fewer computers and have less need to make major company software investments. However, It is important to understand that cloud computing is still a developing model, just like the Internet was in 2000. I believe cloud computing is a technological concept that worth learning more about.

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