Cloud Computing and CPA Firms

by Jasmine C
The article I read about was how cloud computing was being used by many CPA firms.  Even though cloud computing has been out for a while, recently it has been gaining popularity all over the world.  Cloud computing works by using the Internet and central servers to remotely store and access  information.  A company by the name of CCH, who develops the accounting software ProSystem Suite, is using cloud computing to house many of their products and many other accounting programs, like Quickbooks and Peachtree, can use the cloud.  The article discusses the many problems associated with servers.  To state just a few, I read that servers are only have a lifespan of 3-4 years,  they are complicated and expensive, they reside in data centers which increases the risk of losing important information if something were to happen to the data center, and for many accounting firms, a lot of server space is left unused during the months in which the firm is not that busy.  This us not beneficial to the firm because they are using their resources for a system that only benefits them when they are in their busy season.  By using cloud computing, firms can improve their backups, they can bring ideas to the market faster, they will be cost efficient because they will not be wasting money on staff, products, or unused server space.  Security for cloud computing is continuously advancing and this is good for CPA firms because they need great security for their sensitive data.

I like this article because it gave me some insight as to how cloud computing helps to benefit CPA firms.  After reading this article, I can understand why firms are switching from servers to cloud, it’s more beneficial.  Servers are way too expensive and they are not as reliable as cloud computing.  With cloud computing, firms have more freedom and do not have to worry about something happening to their data center.  The security associated with cloud computing is also great. In many of my accounting classes, my professors always stress the fact the security is very important because individuals are entrusting you with their most important information. I think that many firms are going to make the switch to from servers to cloud computing if they have not done so already.

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4 thoughts on “Cloud Computing and CPA Firms”

  1. This just pretty much goes to show that Cloud Computing Services can be used in almost any type of industry. I never knew that servers only lasted about 3-4 years. It definitely does make more sense for any kind of business to use a cloud type of service. But at the same time there are always those security issues and I think that is something that will always be there. Overall it was a great article.

  2. Great article because it goes into exact why companies should switch over to cloud. Companies do not have to worry about their data and can focus more on running their business. I also did not know that they replaced servers every 3-4 years. All that time and money being spent and then having to do it all again in 3 or 4 years time. Makes me wonder if cloud computing would have a similar “lifespan.”

  3. Good article. I agree that the firm should switch to cloud computing because it can get some more space and it makes it more safety and secure. I didn’t know that the server can only last 3 to 4 years too.

  4. Good article, I found it interesting that servers only last 3-4 years. Does this mean that the server farms that the cloud servies are using have the same lifespan or is it the less industrial servers that have less of a lifespan. It is cool to see what other companies are using cloud computing for and how widely diversified the usages are.

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