Cloud computing: challenges and methods{Comments Off on Cloud computing: challenges and methods}

by Davina V
As I read this article for class I noticed something surprising when I read the article it mentioned Software as a Service (SAAS), which our teacher mentioned in class, briefly first thing in the article.  With different people using some of the same cloud systems, data auditing is used to identify the integrity of the information. The most common method used Checking on retrieval is mentioned in the article. The only problem with that method is that it is not sufficient to check all the data within a Cloud. So when designing the storage audit protocols there are three performance criteria: Low storage overhead, low communication cost, and low computational complexity.

Initially the article was interesting, until they lost my interest in Section 3. This is the topic that was given to us in class, or to be more specific the topic was “Cloud Computing” which was used plenty in this article.

Yang, K., & Jia, X. (2012). Data storage auditing service in cloud computing: Challenges, methods and opportunities. WORLD WIDE WEB15(4), 409-428. doi: 10.1007/s11280-011-0138-0

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