Cloud Computing Survey

by Abubaker D
article is about cloud computing and it’s maturing.  A survey conducted by Avanade found out that cloud computing is becoming more mature as more companies are acquiring it. From it, they noticed that businesses have increased investments in securing, managing, and supporting cloud computing. Some of the survey’s highlights are:

  • 74 percent of enterprises are using cloud computing; a 25 percent growth since Avanade’s September 2009 survey. Of organizations yet to adopt cloud services, three-quarters say it’s in future plans.
  • 60 percent of companies say cloud computing is a top IT priority for next year. The sentiment is even higher among C-level executives with 75 percent reporting cloud computing as a top priority.
  • 43 percent of companies surveyed use private cloud services.
  • The United States has seen steady cloud computing adoption rates with a 19 percent increase since a survey conducted in 2009. The highest cloud adoption rates among those surveyed were in Italy, Canada, France, Germany, and Australia, respectively.
  • The survey also revealed cloud growing pains. One in five executives reports that it’s impossible to manage all of the disparate cloud services within their organizations. About 60 percent are worried about unmanaged cloud sprawl.

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This article is related to our class because it’s about cloud computing. I thought it was helpful for students because information technology goes hand in hand with businesses and companies. It’s important for us to know about these statistics so we understand the demand of cloud computing services.

These statistics are really interesting. I didn’t think that there were this many companies and businesses using cloud computing services in the world. I guess more and more people are learning about it and we must always keep up with the demand in the market.

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2 thoughts on “Cloud Computing Survey”

  1. So i guess cloud computing is the next best thing. I am wondering how long it will last until it is found to be insecure by a big tragedy or replaced by a new technology. It surprises me how high the percents are and wonder if the companies are more interested in cloud computing because others are.

  2. Every so often I hear people not trusting cloud computing`, then again I am sure that people said the same of the telephone and the horseless carriage. The point being is the future is like the tide, you may struggle against it but in the end it always wins. Cloud Computing is the future, and people should embrace it for its positives, not avoid it for its flaws and be swept away.

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