Cloud Computing the future of small and big businesses.{5}

by Salvador A
With a larger reliance on technology, cloud computing has come to ease the integration between the personnel computer and the internet. In a nutshell cloud computing integrates offline work (such as documents or folders) to an online database. this can remedy the possible event of a hard drive failing or a computer going missing and a person losing all of their important data. Some of the ways of doing this is using Microsoft Office Live. This tool goes ahead and syncs documents or folders that you choose to share with yourself or others that can be edited online or on your personnel computer. Google Docs is another tool out there that does the same thing but has the ability to show edits in real time. I.E if a friend or coworker is using the same document as yourself, you will be able to see the edits that the person is making. The article also goes on to mention two other forms of cloud computing, Using Dropbox to share and sync files and folders and also Calendar sync which can sync your calendars, and display current and future events.

Having already used Google docs for school work I can say that it is a tool that is extremely important. when working with a group of people it is better to be able to see in real time the changes people make to a document. If someone can’t make it to a meeting or something of the sort, you can always pull up a Google docs and just scratch at it and it’s almost as if that person was there giving their input at the same time everyone else is. Dropbox is another tool the  article brought up. I use it all the time, it’s like an extra storage drive, in case something were to happen you don’t have to worry too much about losing data you back up in Dropbox. But the one thing you do have to do when using Dropbox is to make sure none of your folders are set to public. This is because a folder that is set to public can be viewed by any other Dropbox user. As long as you choose what folders people can see it’s a great tool for either school work or backing up semi important information. The one thing I did wish though that this article would have mentioned is the cost to a small business. Using cloud computing is an extremely cheap and efficient means of having and storing data. Without worrying about losing data. This is cheap because you don’t have to purchase any equipment and you only pay for what you use.

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