Cloud: Risk VS Reward{4}

by Evin C
The article I have chosen this week touches on some of the basic concepts of the cloud service currently available as well as touching on certain risk versus reward factors that may influence the use of such a service. With the offering of a cloud service on the rise with many big name businesses such as Amazon, Google and Apple (soon!), what is the future? The article’s author discusses valid points dealing with cloud’s future in the industry. Once all of our data stretches to the cloud, assuming it does, what could happen if the cloud fails? What’s to stop everything from being lost in a matter of seconds? The rewards of efficiency and convenience cloud offers also comes with the risk of vulnerability and dependence. The future is what this article really tries to convey to it’s readers and I believe it is worth the read. Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself!

Looking at our course, we see it’s purpose is to develop our skills in web design and as such, requires us to have faith in the technology it requires. Seeing today’s technology and the potential it has, it may be alarming to see at how dependent our society has already become on it. The cloud alone is asking us to put all our data into the hands of one service and have the trust it will keep it safe. Some are willing to take that chance, that “leap of faith”. Are you?


Rapp, P. (2011, May 19). Offa my cloud. Metroland, pp. 7-7.