Cloud security{5}

by Daniel M
The article that i read was about how companies and IT professionals feel about the security of cloud computing. Cloud computing allows for flexibility in access to a companies data and allows the employees to have access to the data at home without physically taking the data out of the companies building on a storage device. The problem is how secure the data is on the cloud and what information do you trust to another company to store and back up for you. The article says that 46% of companies trust cloud services with a moderate amount of data and only 13% of the companies trusted it with a heavy amount of data. 54% of the companies that were polled said that cloud computing security is a top priority. The companies had a list of things that they would not trust to a cloud service and 58% said that they would not trust their financial data to a cloud service. The next highest was 56% said that they would not put credit card information on the cloud either. The article also talks about how 72% of all cloud users do not have the tools to audit the cloud environment.

I found this article interesting because security of cloud services has been one of my main concerns since cloud services has started. I feel that you better be sure that you can really trust the company that you are trusting your data to because they are responsible for the security of the data that you gave them. The thing i found most interesting about the article was the fact that 46% of the companies trusted a moderate amount of data to cloud services and yet 85% of the companies put cloud computing security at a mid to high priority. If you truly trusted the service you were using you would not have to have security issues as such a big priority. This article is relevant to us because many companies seem to be moving towards the use of cloud services and as IT professionals we need to make sure that we have the ability to make cloud services secure so the companies won’t have to worry about it.


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