Cloud survey{1}

by Quoc L
Cloud computing is constantly changing the ways business manage their data. From local storage to Internet base storage such as the cloud.  With the idea of reducing cost, and times, however cloud computing still having problem dealing with security.  From a survey that took  about cloud security, 82% of all company surveyed, stated that they trust the cloud enough to usage.  13% of the companies, heavy use the cloud, 40% for moderated usage, 23% for low usage, 19% for no usage.  54% of all surveys company place security as the highest priories. Certain information such as private finical data is ban from been posted on the cloud for security reason. 85% of IT professional believe that the cloud is a secure place for data.

I find this article interesting on how companies are still paranoid about cloud computing. They should be as the ‘cloud’ is essentially  the internet. The web is a very dangerous place yet 85% of IT professional believe that the cloud provider can protect their environment.  I think those that those professional believe the cloud is a safe place to store information are either foolish or work for cloud provider. The internet is one of the most dangerous place to storage any sensitive information.  With data being stolen from secure local database, hacker will mostly like have a easier time steal important information for the cloud.

It important to the class to learn about this, so the few of us that go to network security can inform on the do and don’t of cloud computing. Cloud coming is the new advancement for technology, so we might as well be prepare for it when it become our turn to protect our client interest from cyber thieves.

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