Cloud to replace the Personal Computer

by Andrew J
With the emergence of personal cloud services such as Google’s Play, Apple’s iCloud, and Microsoft’s SkyDrive, cloud computing is set to replace personal computing sooner rather than later. The research firm, Gartner, believes that cloud computing will over take the personal computer in 2014. The next generation computer operating systems are already implementing heavily on cloud computing. Windows 8 and Mac OS X Lion have the cloud weaved closely withing the operating system themselves.

This is important because it is the future of our lives. Not only are we working in this industry, we will be heavily affect by what is to come in the future. I think that because we are still learning the basics of this industry, we pose a good advantage in that we will be learning not only about the older way of computing, but we are also learning about the future from the very beginning!

A number of factors were placed as to why personal computing would be taken over by 2014.

And Gartner says a number of factors are converging to make for a perfect personal cloud storm by 2014:

Megatrend No. 1: Consumerization — You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
Gartner has discussed the consumerization of IT for the better part of a decade, and has seen the impact of it across various aspects of the corporate IT world. However, much of this has simply been a precursor to the major wave that is starting to take hold across all aspects of information technology as several key factors come together:

  • Users are more technologically-savvy and have very different expectations of technology.
  • The internet and social media have empowered and emboldened users.
  • The rise of powerful, affordable mobile devices changes the equation for users.
  • Users have become innovators.
  • Through the democratization of technology, users of all types and status within organizations can now have similar technology available to them.

Megatrend No. 2: Virtualization — Changing How the Game Is Played
Virtualization has improved flexibility and increased the options for how IT organizations can implement client environments….

Megatrend No. 3: “App-ification” — From Applications to Apps
When the way that applications are designed, delivered and consumed by users changes, it has a dramatic impact on all other aspects of the market….

Megatrend No. 4: The Ever-Available Self-Service Cloud
The advent of the cloud for servicing individual users opens a whole new level of opportunity. Every user can now have a scalable and nearly infinite set of resources available for whatever they need to do….

Megatrend No. 5: The Mobility Shift — Wherever and Whenever You Want
Today, mobile devices combined with the cloud can fulfill most computing tasks, and any tradeoffs are outweighed in the minds of the user by the convenience and flexibility provided by the mobile devices….

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