Competition in the World of Analytics{1}

by Andrew N

Competition in the World of Analytic

Google has outdone many of its competition, but now they have also come to par with the analytics component. Google launched its analytic tool back in 2005 but it had not been up to par with other companies such as Chartbeat that launched in 2009 or Webtrends. Google has introduced their new Real-Time tool which eliminates the data lag that they once had. Unlike their competition Google offers their tool for free which is a benefit to using it. Although, they do offer a premium service with includes larger websites, more data collection and service support in which can be comparable to Chartbeat who charges ten dollars a month.

The only real drawback to Google’s tool was that it had a delay of 24 hours. Now that they have stepped their game up it would only be a matter of time before they monopolize. I think they are a very dominant power when it comes to analytic because Google is an actual search engine. They have websites at their fingertips, so why not use it to their advantage. I really like the free service that they give, it is like give out a trial version, but a still fully functional one for smaller and medium sized sites.

“Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) seems to be scaling up its analytic ambitions: This week it also rolled out the first part of a complete user-interface overhaul and introduced Google Analytics Premium, its first paid offering for larger websites. While Google’s free offering tops out its data collection at 10 million website visitors per month, its new paid plan offers more data collection, additional modeling tools and service support. Google did not reveal a price tag for its paid product.” (Cowley, 2011)

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