Compute like a cloud!!

by Wei C

This article I found is about the new way of computing, call cloud computing. In the article, It states that cloud computing is a way which can save a lot of time and money. Cloud computing is also a relatively new to use in the life science industry. In addition, it also has the potential to streaming the clinical development and saving for cost on the information technology. This article also defined the word “cloud computing”, it basically means that the software are not stored in the desktop but stored on a web server. Overall the article is talking about the efficiency and the benefits of using the cloud computing. The author also stated that the traditional paper-based and simple desktop methods to control documents are not efficient now compare to the cloud computing. Finally, the author believes that the potential of the cloud computing has more possibilities.


After reading this article, I understand more about the cloud computing and the benefits of doing it. While the technologies around the world are improving, the method of computing is also improving. The old methods are always replaced by the new ones. In this case, the cloud computing is a new kind of technology which provides more potential.

In conclusion, base on all the benefits of using cloud computing, more organization should consider using it to perform more efficient. Cloud computing will be a helpful computing method in the future not just in the area of life science.


Bowers, L. (2011). Cloud computing efficiency. Applied Clinical Trials, 20(7), 45-45-46,48-51. Retrieved from


3 thoughts on “Compute like a cloud!!”

  1. I think cloud computing is great but it will be a while before users, especially consumers, to catch up with the trend. If we look at the PC markets today, none of the mainstream OS are moving towards cloud computers. The latest Microsoft OS, Windows 8, still demand lots of local computing power. The so called iCloud for iOS 5 is basically an enhanced online storage. The only commercially available OS in a cloud is Google’s Chrome OS, but it’s still far far away from becoming a mainstream OS. Yes, cloud computing is probably the future, but there are still long ways to go.

  2. I think that people are making cloud computing sound much too new and special. Cloud computing is simply saying that the data isn’t on your personal computer, therefore simple things like e-mail, google docs, and companies that use VPN to let employees work from home are using a form of cloud computing.

  3. Cloud computing’s benefits are as good as the provider of the service, and I think there’s a lot of great talent that’s being absorbed into major companies, like Google. Google Docs is the result of acquisition that Google paid dearly for, and it now represents a real threat to Microsoft’s monopolistic hold on office productivity software.

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