CSE HTML Validator Professional{1}

by Bach B
This is a review of PC World editorial review of CSE HTML Validator Professional. So far, the html or css code that we have learned look simple, and easy to understand. However, when you code for a professional website, it would not be that simple. When you look at source code of any website, it is huge maze of codes and codes. Making mistakes while coding is inevitable even with professionals.

How to prevent making mistakes? CSE HTML Validator Pro might be an answer. It is a powerful tool for error checking in your HTML, XHTML, and CSS files, as well as serving as a competent text editor in its own right.  It includes a small number of basic templates (framed, not framed, XHTML, and so on), and has syntax highlighting and ‘code completion’ features. It can also format your HTML for you on command, and it uses a tabbed interface, in which results are displayed in their own set of tabs-view them all, or grouped by type. You can also change many of the parameters used by the validation engine.

The downside of this software is , just as its name, it requires professional users, or at least, they have knowledge about HTML. It assumes that users know what they are doing and just need to make sure users close all markups. It checks for compliance with current standards, looking for possible as well as actual errors. It alerts tags with no content, for example, or that a space should precede a backslash for backwards compatibility.

If you do a lot of HTML editing or checking, CSE HTML Validator Professional is very helpful.

The trial lasts for 30 days or one hundred validations, whichever comes first.  You can download the trial on PCWorld.com or htmlvalidator.com

Harac, Ian (Jul 28, 2011), Editorial Review of CSE HTML Validator Professional, from http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file/fid,23816-order,4/description.html