CSS 2.1 and W3C{2}

by Vincent S
Because our current lesson plan includes CSS, I decided to write about W3C and what purpose they serve.  W3C stands for the World Wide Web Consortium.  The W3C is an international community made up of individual smaller organizations.  Their job is to bring awareness of new internet technologies to the individual organizations who are members of the W3C.  They then form new standards and methods to regulate the use of the technology and whether or not to recommend them for use.  CSS 1.0 was first recommended by the W3C in the year 1996.  Recommendations have to be carefully examined by the W3C because the member organizations of the W3C have vested interest in the success of new internet technology.  It must be made clear that the new technology has real business application and is free of potential problems that can ultimately harm the World Wide Web as a whole.
Currently, we are in CSS version 2.1.  It was first brought to the attention of the W3C in 2004.  However, it did not receive official recommendation from them until June 2011.  Shortly after, announcements were made that they are now reviewing CSS 3, but probably will not see this version for a number of years.  The point is to know the process and be aware of the existence of the W3C.  This is an extremely important international organization that helps to safeguard the preservation of the Internet.  It is possible that a wrong or flawed technology can lead to instability.  So believe it or not, there is some regulation to web as an organization.


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