CSS and Fly-Out menu{Comments Off on CSS and Fly-Out menu}

by Wei C

In the article, author was focusing on describe the use of the fly-out menu developed from Cascading Style Sheets. It is a no code way to develop a vertical or horizontal fly-out menu which looks professional. The article also states that the online communication and interaction is increased recently, which make the management and the design of website more important. The menu is a really important part for a dynamic website which features more than one page. The menu system can really help users get into the place they want more easily. In addition, the author also described that it is possible to use CSS in the Visual Studio 2008 to design the menu. In conclusion, the fly-out menu is more like a must have for all the websites.


AS we learned in the class, cascading style sheet is really a helpful tool when designing the layout and the looks of a website. In this case, I think this article is really interesting that how can the CSS helping a website so much. The solid example there is the fly-out menu. The navigation provided by the fly-out menu is very valuable for the webpage developers. In addition, for people don’t have Dreamweaver, they can use Visual Studio 2008 to actually create the style they want. It is simpler than using just the codes.

Overall, this is a great thing to know since we are talking about the CSS in the class. Even this is an article for probably one year ago, it still contains some useful tips which helps user to design the CSS fly-out menu by using the visual studio.


Liu, C., & Downing, C. (2010). Using cascading style sheets to design a fly-out menu with microsoft visual studio. Journal of Information Systems Education, 21(3), 275-275-281. Retrieved fromhttp://search.proquest.com/docview/763326772?accountid=10357