CSS for Mobile{4}

by Bernard T
The popularity of mobile devices has been a constant frustration to developers. The question on most of their minds is does a business model require mobile apps for all platforms in order to keep up with current trends? The article I read examined why the future may lie in HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript applications that work across all mobile platforms. Most developers these days think that in order to keep up with the times they needed to concentrate on a specific mobile platform, such as IPhones or Androids. Many have began to realize however that there are many development tools available in the market that allow them to utilize their skill with CSS, HTML, JavaScript or any of the other programming language they are familiar with. These development tools are also used in conjunction with the native features of mobile devices such as GPS, camera, text etc. Developers have also been excited about the advent of development tools that work across all platforms. Some tools such as Rhodes, allows developers to create new native apps for most mobile platforms, including but not limited to the iPhone, Windows Mobile and blackberries. Another tool that works across all platforms is the IUi or Iphone User Interface framework, which uses JavaScript, HTML, CSS and is utilized to make web apps that work on any browser that supports HTML5. IUi also carries over the look and feel of a native app of the Iphone SDK to non apple devices. Web apps created using applications such as the IUi will work on almost all smart phones that have standards compliant browsers. Tools like these are still new, this one in particular does not currently have a User interface so it takes a little skill and patience to use. Other examples of similar frameworks are iWebkit and JQtouch. The article also mentioned that it will take some time before web app specifications even reach the recommendation stage. They expect the W3C to officially consider these specifications around 2022 or later.

Reading this article really opened my mind to the power of CSS. I mean I never really considered that HTML and CSS were used for anything else but websites. I mean they are only for websites basically but I did not consider mobile apps and devices that need different specifications to run browsers. Obviously websites for mobile devices need coding just like anything else but I never took that into account before, DOH! This is very encouraging because what we are learning about HTML , CSS and hopefully JavaScript can be applied to mobile platforms as well. This of course means more job opportunities for us students which is the whole point of going to school in the first place.


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