CSS Helps with Search Engine Optimization{1}

by Alejandro C
Cascading style sheets is a style language which permits web masters and designers to attach style sheets like spacing, color, fonts and so on to a local HTML file or document. CSS works like a template which can be applied to multiple web pages. There are many benefits to using cascading styles sheets which make search engine optimization work better for your web site. One of the most talked about benefits is the ease of maintenance that is allowed by having your presentation be changed in one central place. Since CSS splits the presentation from the content it allows for cleaner and more stable code maintenance. When using external style sheets to design a site it separates the presentation from the HTML documents making it it easier for search engines/spiders to optimize. Using CSS is also another way to attract or make your sites more accessible for mobile users. By using separate sheets for the mobile accessibility another set of users will be able to go into your site. CSS documents allows for faster download speeds and viewing of your site, since these are easier to load instead of having our HTML pages load all of your presentation and content users can access our pages faster. Browser cross-compatibility is also another benefit of CSS.

To me it just makes sense to go ahead and begin using CSS for web site design. Since having an external sheets for your presentation load instead of the HTML loading all your tables, fonts, colors, and so on site management seems to be much more simplified. You are able to just change all of your important design parts in one central location and have it cascade throughout our web pages to which it is used. Also it would seem since having the presentation parts in a different location search engines are able to easily find your site by looking at the important parts of your HTML page instead of reading fonts and colors and what not.

I do think that having CSS sheets for loading up different version of our site is also a great benefit. Having one for a mobile site and normal site seems like a great and simple way to allow user accessibility. It also seems that most browsers now are optimized to have CSS and HTML be seen the same throughout.

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